How to choose your fancy dress costumes – 8 easy steps to follow

Let’s make one thing clear: knowing how to choose your fancy dress costumes is fundamental for standing out at the event, and if the choice is perfect, you are a step closer to be the soul of the party!

Nobody wants to go unnoticed at a fancy dress party. I am sure you want to be at the top of the fun, meeting new people and having an unforgettable experience that is worth sharing with all your friends.

I would like to share with you some smart tips to help you choose the right costume so you can Get Party Ready!


Before you choose your fancy dress costume, research the event

It’s a very good practice to check the theme of the event before you choose your costume.

By doing this, you will be able to also identify the type of people attending the party and will get a good idea of what types of costume they will be wearing. You might not want to find yourself dressed as a medieval knight in a 70’s theme party.

This is very important for the kids costumes as well, because I know from personal experience with my daughters that the choice of costume will either make or ruin their day. And I definitely don’t want to spend the entire party time trying to explain to them that they look fabulous in their costumes that actually don’t match with the whole party…

Make it easy for people to recognise who you have come as

Turning up for a fancy dress party and people can’t recognise who you have come as, might not be the best case scenario for you. This may result in you being bombarded with a million questions all night, of who you are and finally spending time to explain, which might not sound like your plan of how to have fun.

At the same time, I’m pretty sure that you want your choice of costume to succeed. 

Therefore, my advice is simple: choose a costume that is recognizable and known by the majority of the people at the party. The more original your costume is, the better. This doesn’t mean that you have to choose only between the classic options, you can go crazy with your costume of course, but always have in mind that when other people see you, they can tell who you are.

Choose a costume of a character or something that you like too much

This is a very important tip for most of the people. If you choose a character or something that you love, you are giving yourself a present and you start strong to your road to have pure, authentic, 100% fun to the party.

This will make you feel comfortable with yourself and take away the initial feeling of being uncomfortable in a fancy dress party.

If your choice is of someone you idolize and admire or something that you love and suits you, this will give you a great advantage because you can use the special characteristics of your choice, which are already familiar to you, to your own benefit to make the best impression and have absolute fun in the event


Choose a comfortable costume

The choice of the right fancy dress costume is crucial and will highly contribute in how successful your party day will be.

There is no doubt that you want to feel comfortable in your costume, especially if it is going to be a long day or night. You also need to take into count that you might want to hit the dance floor and drop some of your special dance moves, so a really comfortable outfit will help you set the dance floor on fire!

Now, another thing you need to consider is the weather, if the event is taking place outdoors. You might need to choose a warmer costume, if the weather is cold and vice versa. But always have in mind that you will be moving all time and probably dancing, so you don’t want to find yourself boiling and sweating in your warm costume. Balance is the key.

Dress outside your comfort zone

It might be wise for most people to choose something within their safe limits, avoiding experiments with their costumes.

But, guess what? A fancy dress party will probably be the best opportunity you might have in a long time to present different styles and secret sides of your personality.

So why not use this great opportunity to do something memorable for yourself that will make you feel proud and definitely amuse you and the surrounding people. As we say, life is a big collection of memories, so it might be wise to go a little bit “crazy” with your costume!

Accessories, accessories, accessories!

Gear up yourself with the right set of accessories that will complement your fancy dress costume. The accessories are usually one of the first things other people will notice, so choosing the right ones is part of a successful dress up.

Here in Fancy Dress Life, we always suggest you buy your accessories the same time when you choose your costume. 

This will give you the best final result and by doing so, you will achieve to have totally completed your outfit in time for the event. There is an amazing number of accessories to choose from that will definitely take your costume to another level.

The more, the merrier!

One of the most memorable things in life, is dressing up with friends.

This can be great fun and will take your whole experience to another level. Especially, if you decide to go as a famous group of people, like a music band or famous movie cast, or a famous couple, it will definitely boost the fun and you will all have something to remember for a long, long time.

The energy a bigger group of people can bring to a party is phenomenal and this becomes even better if this group is your people!

Choose a costume that won’t break the bank

Staying within your budget is important.

Choose according to all the factors we have already discussed but always have in mind the amount you will spend, is within your limits. 

At the end of the day, the whole meaning of this, is to have fun and enjoy yourself without creating extra troubles for you and your family budget. It might be wise to choose something simple for a lower price, which you can upgrade by putting some personal work and final touches on it, without having to spend a fortune.

Choosing your fancy dress costume should be pure fun.

If you struggle with this, please follow the tips above and you’ll

Get Party Ready

at no time!

Please leave your feedback and comments below. It will help us to understand what we are doing right and where we need to improve. 

Thanks in advance for your help! 


  1. Hi Dino, I really like to go to dress up parties, they are so much fun! I have found good accesories and customes in op shops or second hand shops that are really cheap. Also online there are really good options that come with accessories but the need to be ordered way in advanced. I also support your idea of choosing a custome that will challenge ourselves and put us out of our confort zone. The idea is to almost be in the character of the outfit. IT is like being someone else for one event 🙂

    • Thanks for your positive words Thais. There are so many different ways someone can follow to dress up and in a very economic way, that’s true. I’m really happy that you are one of us who enjoy the fancy dress parties.
      Many thanks for leaving a comment on my post,

  2. Hi there, what a great list of things to remember when choosing a fancy dress costume. Sometimes being invited to a fancy dress party can bring you out in a cold sweat just trying to think about what or who to turn up as.
    I’ve got a couple of fancy dress costumes in my wardrobe that I have used years ago that haven’t seen the light of day since, and reading your post has got me in the mood for a fancy dress party; maybe I will throw one myself 🙂

    Very important what you say about researching the theme of an event first. I remember once I turned up to a 40’s themed party dressed as Elvis in his 50’s get up. Quite embarrassing as I looked really out of place! haha

    • Thank you so much for your positive feedback Stephanie!
      I am so glad that I put you in the mood for partying. By the way, getting yourself ready for a party should be fun and that’s the reason I created this post with all the tips to follow, so I can simplify things.
      Thanks for leaving this great comment on my post,

  3. Hello Dino! What great advice you have given about the fancy dress costumes. It was so exciting to read this as we love to go to costume parties. We had troubles with comfortable costumes because when we saw the costume, we bought it, and it wasn’t comfortable. It is good that you mentioned this situation.
    Thank you again and keep the good working

    • Thanks for your comment Tina! I am really satisfied that you enjoyed reading my post and also finding it helpful for you party preparations.
      Many thanks,

  4. Great post that id filled with wealth of information.
    Being a ballroom dancer myself I will agree that looking at the theme of a party is the key to dressing up well and if you add it with dressing outside your comfort zone that will make the party experience super worth it. Normally if you do this you end up being the envy of the party

    • It’s really reassuring and nice to get this positive feedback from someone like you Thabo, who has professional experience on this subject.
      And by ending up being the “envy” of the party, it might mean that you have actually done great work choosing your fancy dress costume.
      Mamy thanks for your comment,

  5. Hello Dino! This article is beneficial for people who need to attend to a dress code party. If I need to participate in a dress code party one day, I will follow your suggestion!

    • Thank you Brian for finding my post useful and helpful when it comes to choosing the right fancy dress costumes for a party.
      I wish this piece of advice proves practically helpful to you at the next party you attend.
      Thanks for the comment,

  6. Hello Dino,
    I agree. I love dressing up and miss it .I rarely get the chance to do that anymore. I like your suggestions here to make sure to pick an outfit that is comfortable and to pick a character that we are already interested in. Why dress up as a werewolf if you would rather be something totally different! I love old fashioned fancy styles so that would be the direction I would probably go. I have a dress that has a medieval look and I loved wearing it. It seems that people don’t dress up as much as they used to. I suppose that goes along with a more casual culture.

    • Hi Jessica,

      Thanks for stopping by. You totally made a great point here about people not dressing up as much as they used to, but when they do, the energy they get is unbelievable and there is so much fun involved in those fancy dress parties.

      Love the fact that you have kept your old fancy dress costumes and I wish you find the opportunity to bring them back to medieval life soon!

      Many thanks for your comment Jessica,

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