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The idea of creating fancydresslife has been in our heads for a long time. Me, Dino, and my wife, Melina, always enjoy getting dressed up with fancy costumes since we remember ourselves.

I still enjoy watching my old photos from the 80’s, with me in my favourite Ninja costume and Melina, as a little fabulous princess and some other times as a clown!!

Growing up, one of my favourite acts in life that gave me absolute fun time, was to take part in fancy dress costume parties and especially joining the carnivals, (Rio De Janeiro style but in a much smaller scale) with my friends in Greece. The energy and the vibes that I was experiencing in these events is something that I miss and plan to visit soon with my daughters now.

Speaking about daughters and family, the last 8 years we are growing up together with our two beautiful daughters, who guess what? They love to dress up with their fancy dress costumes almost every day!! You might see us in the supermarket doing our shopping for the week, being followed by Princesses Elsa and Anna from Frozen, and this is the norm for us!

The goal of our site is to simplify the procedure of finding a fancy dress costume online, make it easy and fast for everyone to find the right fancy dress costume and the relevant accessories for each special occasion.

In our site we will have a big number of choices for people of all ages, who want to just a simple thing: have fun without complicating themselves and wasting their valuable time trying to find the right fancy dress costume for them or anyone else.

Our aim is to prioritise the items with the best customer reviews, in order to help all of you out there to find the best quality product, in a very fast and simple way when navigating through our site.

We are linked with the best retailers and we aim to give you the best service possible, so you do not have to worry about finding the fancy dress costume for the occasion. The only thing you will have to “worry” about after using our services will be the level of fun you or your people will have when they are dressed up with the fabulous fancy dress costumes you found in our site!

Dino and Melina


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